Emerging from the tight-knit Los Angeles funk/soul community, The Rugged Nuggets are now the newest collective to carry the torch of instrumental music.  What started out as a studio side project by Simple Citizens’ guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Judson McDaniel, quickly spawned into a 7-piece live band who’s rugged sound pays homage to classic soul, soul-jazz and afro-funk music. 

The RN sound is inspired, realized and shaped by the city landscape and culture including the musicians that reside within.  Thus giving the Nuggets an alternating cast of LA based players, including members of Breakestra, Simple Citizens, Orgone, Connie Price & the Keystones, Jungle Fire, Macy Gray, Joe Bataan, The Rebirth etc.  

The players are:

Judson McDaniel - Guitar
Patrick Bailey - Guitar
Joey Reina - Bass
Sam Halterman - Drums
Daniel Byers - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Tracy Wanomae - Tenor Sax/Alto Sax/Flute
David Moyer - Tenor/Bari Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet
Tonatiuh Hernandez - Percussion
Jake Najor - Drums
Michael Duffy - Percussion